Green Train
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1:35 German Assault Pioneer Team
Varenr: TA 35357
Siden: 13.03.2018
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Tamiya 35357 - 1:35 German Assault Pioneer Team
1:35 German Assault Pioneer Team,
This 1/35 scale model recreates the Goliath. It was a diminutive tracked vehicle about 1.5m long that could carry up to 60kg of light explosives and was remotely controlled via 3 cables that spooled out of its rear. Some 7,564 were produced in all, split between 12V battery and gas engine-powered variants. They were largely deployed by assault pioneer (Sturmpionier) units, and were hoped to give the advantage of surprise. They were used on all fronts including German counters to the allied invasions in Normandy.
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