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Paint Hanger - Base
Varenr: HZ S3base
Siden: 27.08.2018
Produktet finnes i kategorien(e): HOBBYZONE-WORKSHOP SYSTEM
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HOBBYBOSS S3base - Paint Hanger - Base
Paint Hanger - Base,
The Base allows to put Paint Hanger on the workshop stable. There's no need to nail it to the wall, Paint Hanger with additional base can work on it's own or be a part of Workshop Modular System that gives plenty possibilities.The base provides additional room for paints and other accessories.
The base fit to following products:

Paint Hanger - 36 mm

Paint Hanger - 26 mm

The Base comes in kit form with magnets to Modular Workshop System.

Dimensions: 30 cm x 10 cm
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NSB 1968
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