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1:35 Russian T-72B2 MBT (ROGATKA)
Varenr: TRU 09507
Siden: 03.10.2018
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Trumpeter 09507 - 1:35 Russian T-72B2 MBT (ROGATKA)
1:35 Russian T-72B2 MBT (ROGATKA),
Model Brief Length: 289mm Width: 108mm
Total Parts 1300+,
T-72B upgrade proposal code-named Rogatka. First shown at the 2006 Russian Arms Expo, it is equipped with a new fire control system including a gunner's thermal sight, Nakidka camouflage kit, a new 125 mm 2A46M-5 main gun with muzzle reference system, V-92S2 1,000 hp diesel engine and the new Relikt 3rd generation ERA which is claimed to be twice as effective as Kontakt-5.
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NSB 1968
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