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1:72 Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank
Varenr: TRU 07128
Siden: 04.10.2018
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Trumpeter 07128 - 1:72 Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank
1:72 Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank,
Model Brief Length: 94.2mm Width: 46mm
Total Parts 50+,
The KV-13 program's KV-85 prototype was accepted for production as the IS-1 heavy tank. After testing with both 100 mm and 122 mm guns, the D-25T 122 mm gun was selected as the main armament of the new tank, primarily because of its ready availability and the effect of its large high-explosive shell when attacking German fortifications. The KV-122 replaced the KV-85, and began mass production as the IS-2.
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NSB 1968
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