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1:35 SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Patrol Car
Varenr: DR 6745
Siden: 04.12.2018
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DRAGON 6745 - 1:35 SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Patrol Car - Utsolgt
1:35 SAS 1/4-Ton 4x4 Patrol Car,
Authentic Patrol Car w/excellent rendering detail
Realistic Vickers K machine guns/superb details
Condenser and modified front grille accurately replicated
Well-defined engine grille
Realistic produced .50 cal and Vickers 'K' MGs w/photo-etched parts
Detailed dashboard and driver's compartment
Complex engine represented by multiple parts
Well-detailed seats w/realistic cloth pattern
Compartment sides rendered w/rivets and fine details
Slide-molded upper and lower body tubs
Finely detailed steering mechanism and suspension system
Highly detailed chassis
Detachable jerrycans w/photo-etched straps
Photo-etched sand channels on rear of the Patrol Car
Well-detailed wheels produced w/authentic tire tread pattern
2 realistic 1/35 scale figures
Joining Dragon's previously released 1/35 scale plastic kit of a Desert Raider 4x4 Truck is this second kit with a different weapons configuration! The famed Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Army was formed in July 1941 by David Stirling. It was a commando force designed to operate deep behind enemy lines,something it did very successfully. Specially adapted vehicles were used in North Africa, including the famous 4x4 1/4-ton Truck, though heavily modified for its behind-the-lines role. The vehicle began appearing in July 1942. They were generally stripped down to save weight and, for operations in the hot climate,the grill was removed and a water condenser fitted. Weapons such as Lewis and Vickers K machine guns were mounted for use against ground or aerial targets.

Dragon’s newest 1/35 scale kit depicts a vehicle heavily modified for desert operations by the SAS and LRDG. It is heavily loaded with weaponry different to the preceding kit release. While it still has a Vickers K twin machine gun up front, in the rear is a .50-cal machine gun. As before, jerry cans containing spare fuel and water, to allow reconnaissance missions deep behind the frontlines, are added. Even the complete engine is included, which allows a modeler to depict a maintenance scene. Also of great utility is this kit’s brand new two-man crew,showing SAS members in typical garb. When this kit and the earlier one are combined, modelers have the makings of a potent SAS team ready to range across the desert sands of North Africa!

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