Green Train
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1:72 Flying Saucer Haunebu
Varenr: RE 03903
Siden: 07.06.2019
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Revell 03903 - 1:72 Flying Saucer Haunebu
1:72 Flying Saucer Haunebu,
Work began on this spherical aircraft in 1934. Its propulsion and the neutralisation of centrifugal forces inside the aircraft was achieved employing Vril energy fields. Airworthy prototypes of the Haunebu II with speeds of up to 6000 km/h first flew in mid-1943 but did not finish the flight test phase due to the effects of war.

- First space flight capable object in the world
- Interior with instrument panels and seats
- Decal set for a faithfully reproduced livery
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NSB 1968
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