Green Train
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1:72 French Hussars
Varenr: IT 6008
Siden: 26.01.2010
Produktet finnes i kategorien(e): ITALERI-1:72 Militær
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Italeri 6008 - 1:72 French Hussars
1:72 French Hussars.
The word “hussar” identifies the light horsemen and comes from the Hungarian “huszar”. The most famous hussar units were the French regiments of the Napoleonic era. They were employed for scouting and communication purposes, and to screen the movement of the Emperor's corps, like during the advance that allowed the French to flank the Austrian general Mack at Ulm in 1805. The soldiers in this kit wear the uniform of the 1st Hussars employed at Jena in 1806, and they are characterized by the ornate Hungarian style uniform, sabretache, sabre and carbine.
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NSB 1968
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