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Varenr: ESU 03
Siden: 18.03.2010
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The LoSound micro is the latest newcomer to the successful LokSound family. With measurements of only 28 mm x 10mm x 5mm (1.1 x .4 x .2 inch) it is small enough to fit into gauge N and TT rolling stock. Still you get all the features: The LokSound micro V3.5 incorporates a complete digital decoder, which, besides DCC and Motorola®, also understands Selectrix®. Beside the two light outputs, we were even able to integrate a sound-section, equal to that of its bigger brothers, and two user selectable function outputs. The LokSound micro V3.5 will be shipped with a 6 wire harness and a NEM651 compatible interface, together with a new 16 x 25 mm (0.6 x 1.0 inch) speaker.

Operational modes
The LokSound micro V3.5 handles DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®. In DCC mode it will operate with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps. The decoder recognizes the speed step number automatically. It supports Lenz® LG 100, respectively Roco® braking sections as well as braking in DC sections with reversed polarity, or the Märklin® braking section. You can either use a short address (0 -127), or a long address (1 – 9999), or assign a consist address. The Motorola® protocol enables the LokSound micro V3.5 decoder to operate with Märklin® stations 6020, 6021, delta®, mobile station® and central station®. The decoder handles addresses 01 – 80, and stops correctly on the Märklin® braking-section. On Selectrix®-layouts you may use all 112 addresses. During operation, the LokSound micro V3.5 decoder converts fully automatically between all control modes (Motorola®, DCC, Selectrix®, DC).

Motor management
DC or coreless motors (Faulhaber®, Maxon®) can be connected to the 0,5A steady-current, last stage. The load control (back EMF) with 32 kHz High frequency regulation guarantees silky smooth, absolutely quiet motor operation and lets your engines crawl super slowly on the layout. With Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can curb the influence of the load control and operate smoothly and steadily around the depot area and over turnouts, while on the (fast) main, going uphill, the loco slows down prototypically.

The LokSound micro V3.5 decoder stores up to 65 seconds of sound data in its 8 MBit flash-chip. This is transfered to the last stage audio amplifier via four polyphonic sound channels. Load dependent strain (de-selectable) is as self-evident as Doppler-effect, as is separate volume adjustment for the different channels.

Analog operation
Back EMF as well as the sound feature is fully serviceable in Analog mode.

The LokSound micro V3.5 sports four 180 mA steadycurrent function outputs, which can be allocated individually to a function. They are dimmable in 15 steps. Beside beacon, strobe and alternate flashing, there is simulated firebox flicker, as well as Mars light or Gyra light. Each function output can be allocated to any function key between F0 and F15 (mapping). The combination of sound and light functions makes it possible to simulate realistic function events, such as firebox flicker when shoveling coal.

The LokSound micro V3.5 supports all DCCprogramming modes. All adjustments are done electronically. This applies even to the Märklin® Central station 6020, 6021, mobile station® and central station®. For these units, the LokSound micro V3.5 decoder employs a proven procedure that’s easily mastered. All programmed changes during Motorola®-operation are valid with DCC and Selectrix®, and vise verse. The programming of configuration variables (CV’s) is especially comfortable for owners of our ECoS command station: All variations are displayed in plain language on the large screen and can easily be altered – even during operation on the layout!

All function outputs and the motor output are protected against overload and short circuits. We want you to enjoy your LokSound micro V3.5 decoder for a long time.

Built-in future
LokSound micro V3.5 decoders are firmware updatable. This means, the interne decoder software can be brought up to new versions, if necessary.

Variety of sound
If the assortment of 14 factory-delivered sounds doesn’t appeal to you, you can always revert to LokSound V3.5 sounds – an option that offers you over 400 (!) sounds for your LokSound micro.

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