Green Train
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1:72 Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut
Varenr: HB 80211
Siden: 13.08.2011
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HOBBYBOSS 80211 - 1:72 Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut - Utsolgt
1:72 Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut.
The S-37 Berkut [Golden Eagle] is a testbed for developing technologies for the next generation of aircraft. The basic dimensions and weight of the S-37 "Berkut" are similar to those of Su-37, although they are different aircraft, and the tail, nose and canopy are similar to those of the Su-35. The first two prototypes of this aircraft were evidently designated the S-32, and the S-37 designation was previously applied to an unrelated fighter project for a smaller delta wing single aircraft that was cancelled due to lack of funding.
Model Dimension Length: 343.1mm Wingspan: 232.7mm
Total Plastic Parts 59pcs
Produktet er utsolgt, og ikke lenger tilgjengelig.
NSB 1968
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