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1:48 Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero - Fighter
Varenr: TA 61103
Siden: 29.02.2012
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Tamiya 61103 - 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero - Fighter
1:48 Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero - Fighter.
At the beginning of the Pacific War, the Zero was an excellent fighter plane. As the war progressed, Model 21, 22, and 32 were introduced and all received numerous improvements such as greater speed and armor reinforcement. During the Pacific War, the Zero was the main fighter plane of the Japanese Navy. The Model 52 continued fighting and appeared in the Solomon Islands in 1943. The wingspan was designed 50cm shorter and in a semicircular shape, different than its Model 22 counterpart. With the improvements of the plane's balance, speed, armor reinforcement, maneuverability, and cruising speed, it resulted in an excellent fighter. The Model 52 Zero took part in the battle at the Mariana Islands, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, and continued to support the Navy and land forces at the frontlines until the end of the war.

About the Model
The Model 52 featured additional wing-mounted machine guns with belt-feed system. The Model 52 kou, with greater ammunition load can also be depicted.
Parts for the Model 52 kou's lengthened spinner, main wing panels, gun covers, and external fuel tank are also included to enable accurate reproduction.
The main wing flaps can be set in an up or down position.
A removable 300 liter metal belly tank is included.
The one-piece engine cowl is made from precision-crafted plastic, and cowl flaps can be posed in opened or closed positions.
There are 2 types of markings for the Model 52, and 1 kind of marking for the Model 52 kou.
4 pilot figures in various lifelike poses also included.
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