Green Train
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1:87 Fast Train Locomotives BR01 & BR02
Varenr: RE 02158
Siden: 30.04.2012
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Revell 02158 - 1:87 Fast Train Locomotives BR01 & BR02
1:87 Fast Train Locomotives BR01 & BR02.
Model details
Scale 1:87
No. of parts 308
Length 275 mm / 266 mm
Skill Level 4

Original details
Type description Locomotive
Year/Period 1925
Origin D
Engine capacity 2240 Psi / 2400 Psi
Speed 120 km/h
The 01 class was first built in 1925 as a completely new generation of locomotives for the then Deutsche Reichsbahn. Its elegant lines were an attractive change from many locos that had so far been built and marked the beginning of a new era of German locomotive design. The locomotive had a two-cylinder power unit which gave it 2,240 psi and a top speed of 120 km/h. Coupled to a tender of the 2'2' T32 type it could carry 10 tonnes of coal and 32m³ of water.

The first German standard locomotive to be designed in 1925 was the 02 Class. Built for express trains, this locomotive reached a top speed of 120 kph. The locomotive had a four-cylinder compound engine and generated 2,300 psi. Coupled with a tender the type 2'2 T30 could carry 10 tonnes of coal and 30 m3 of water. All Class 02 locomotives were later converted to 01 class locomotives. The 02 class is unforgettable as the first German compound engine to be built.

- 2 Plastic model kits
- Detailed models with filigree engraving
- True-to-life reproduction of two-cylinder and four-cylinder power unit and coupling rods
- Finely detailed chassis
- Transparent parts
- Representation of boiler in driver's cab
- Filigree representation of brake rods
- Separate ladders, boiler and pumps
- True-to-original reproduction of tenders
- Tender can be built with or without imitation coal
- Finely detailed track
- Decals for 4 versions each
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NSB 1968
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