Green Train
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1:700 USS Boxer LHD-4
Varenr: HB 83405
Siden: 06.06.2013
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HOBBYBOSS 83405 - 1:700 USS Boxer LHD-4
1:700 USS Boxer LHD-4.
The US Navy wasp class amphibious assault ship USS boxer is LHD-4 U.S. amphibious warfare ships of force, the ship in 1991 and laying the keel, was launched in August 7, 1993, entered service in February 11, 1995, has 10 years of time.Is currently the world's largest tonnage, fly with the largest number of amphibious assault ship.The ship is equipped with a hovercraft and mechanized landing craft and has carried CH-53, AH-1Z and AV-8B fighter.In addition to the sea one projection capability, can also provide air support for the landing forces.In addition to conventional operations, USS boxer also can be matched with or replace the American aircraft carrier formation to perform sea control and command mission.
Model Dimension Length: 368.25mm Width: 89.5mm
Total Plastic Parts 600+
kr 490 Antall:
NSB 1968
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