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1:48 British Quad Bikes and Crew
Varenr: AI 04701
Siden: 16.06.2014
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AIRFIX 04701 - 1:48 British Quad Bikes and Crew
1:48 British Quad Bikes and Crew.
Due to the fluid an often changing nature of the modern battlefield, it is vital that supplies and equipment can be brought to the frontline quickly and effectively, and that casualties can be evacuated with speed.

While a helicopter can do this, they are expensive and often venerable to both ground fire an inclement weather conditions. Larger armoured vehicles can also be used, but these lack the mobility of the vehicle of choice for light logistic work, the Quad Bike or All-Terrain Vehicle.

The British Army operate over 200 of these highly mobile light-weight machines, using them extensively in Afghanistan to deliver supplies and conduct patrols in remote areas of the country. The Logic SMT172B Special Military Trailer, is able to hold a wide range of supplies, doubling up as ammunitions and water trailer, as well as a make shift ambulance, able to be equipped with stretchers to evacuate casualties.

The Quads are also able to fit into the back of the Merlin Helicopter, enabling them to be deployed far from their bases quickly in case of emergencies.


Four Multi-Part Figures
Two Quad Bikes & Trailers
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