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1:350 USS New York BB-34
Varenr: TRU 05339
Siden: 25.02.2015
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Trumpeter 05339 - 1:350 USS New York BB-34
1:350 USS New York BB-34,
Model Brief Length: 498mm Beam: 94mm
Total Parts 840+,
USS New York (BB-34) is the first ship of the New York class battleship.She was the fifth ship to New York states warships.New York in 1911 at the Broolyn shipyard built, launched in 1912, in 1914.Then, the United States in the Tampico incident in New York in support of the invasion of Vera cruz.The United States in the first World War, New York was assigned to British waters, joined the British native fleet, is mainly responsible for the escort mission.Postwar New York, return to daily training, and participated in various fleet problem-solving exercises, and was modernised in 1925 alterations.The United States in 1941 before the Second World War, New York has been involved in the European neutral cruise task, protect merchant shipping to britain.The United States declared war on Japan, New York in North Africa campaign for artillery support, but most of the time in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean convoy.1945 New York transferred to the Pacific Fleet, and participated in the battle of Iwo Jima and Okinawa during the battle, had been a kamikaze aircraft hit the Dutch act.The New York participated in operation magic carpet, carrying troops return home.1946 July New York was incorporated into the operation crossroads nuclear test of the target ship, but did not sink.New York in August the same year, and in 1948 July was retired, the Navy for use as a target ship sunk.
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