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1:800 AIRBUS A380 WITH paint, glue
Varenr: HE 49075
Siden: 21.06.2017
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HELLER 49075 - 1:800 AIRBUS A380  WITH paint, glue
1:800 AIRBUS A380 WITH paint, glue,
The conception and production sites of the Airbus company fruit of a co-operation between different European companies who gradually joined forces from 1970 onwards are grouped together in four subsidiaries: Airbus France, Airbus Germany, Airbus Spain and Airbus United Kingdom. About 45 000 people of more than 50 different nationalities are taking part in the implementation of the A380 carrier which represents a significant technical challenge since it makes the engineers work to the absolute limit of today’s technical knowledge. The various parts of the giant will be built in the different countries of Europe before being conveyed by sea and land to Toulouse where it will finally be put together in a huge hangar. The 240 km long road between Bordeaux and Toulouse will be specially modified for that purpose. As from 2006, the A380 will be able to carry 555 passengers in three different classes and cover 14 800 km stages.
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NSB 1968
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