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1:35 Chinese PLZ05 155mm Self-propelled
Varenr: MENG TS-022
Siden: 10.04.2018
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MENG TS-022 - 1:35 Chinese PLZ05 155mm Self-propelled
1:35 Chinese PLZ05 155mm Self-propelled,
The Chinese PLZ05 155mm self–propelled howitzer is the most advanced self-propelled howitzer in service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s artillery troops. Its development started in 1990s. It got through a series of improvements on the basis of the PLZ45 self-propelled howitzer that was intended for the export market. It passed technical evaluation and acceptance in 2005. The PLZ05 howitzer is 11.0m long, 3.2m wide and 45t heavy. It’s equipped with a 155mm/L52 main gun and an autoloader. The firing rate can reach 8 rounds per minute. Generally, the PLZ05 is as good as the first-class self-propelled howitzers in the world, like the German PzH2000 and the American M109A6. The PLZ05 howitzers participated in many major military activities like the China’s National Day Parade in 2009 and “Peace Mission-2014” military drill.

This 1/35 scale Chinese PLZ05 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer plastic model kit includes movable torsion bar suspension and cement-free workable tracks. The gun barrel can be elevated and lowered. Crew hatches are movable. Clear lights, periscopes, observation windows and sights are provided. Precision PE parts are included. Three paint schemes are offered.
Length: 312mm Width: 97mm
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NSB 1968
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