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1/72 Apollo 11 Saturn V
Varenr: DR 11017
Siden: 25.02.2020
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DRAGON 11017 - 1/72 Apollo 11 Saturn V
1/72 Apollo 11 Saturn V,
Newly tooled Saturn V rendered w/details
Slide-molded S-ll second stage w/J-2 engines
Propellant reproduced
Apollo launch escape system (LES) and Command Service Module (CSM) rendered w/details
Detailed reaction control thruster
Detailed gimbals motors molded
Realistic service propulsion system
Intricate aft interstage installed
Details like cable tunnel, auxiliary propulsion system and aft skirt represented the real one
Detailed gimbal motors, molded on external nozzle
Detailed pattern on bottom of S-lC first stage
Slide-molded S-lC first stage w/F-1 engines
Realistic fuel tanks installed
Detailed Saturn V can be separately assembled
Display stand newly designed especially for Saturn V
Dragon's announcement of a 1/72 scale pre-finished replica of a Saturn V rocket in its Space Collection created a huge buzz among space aficionados! Even in miniature form, it was absolutely enormous, as the completed model stood an unbelievable 1.5m tall. Now eager model builders can get in on the action with a full kit version of the Saturn V. As the longest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever produced, the original Saturn V stood 110.6m high and had a diameter of 10.1m. The Saturn V was at the heart of NASA’s Apollo and Skylab programs between 1967 and 1973. It was able to launch a 45-tonne payload into space beyond Low Earth Orbit. A total of 13 Saturn V launches took place, every one of them a success, plus they safely delivered 24 astronauts to the Moon.

Builders and owners of this Saturn rocket from Dragon will cause jaws to drop, while the model will without fail draw gasps of astonishment! The model includes the Command/Service Module (CSM) and Launch Escape System. All the relevant detail is carefully reproduced on the three rocket stages, and the model comes with accurate decals to provide the relevant markings. This Saturn V kit must become a centerpiece of any space fan's collection, and as such it comes with a stable circular base to allow it to be freestanding on the floor. This spectacular and massive kit will send ambitious modelers into orbit!
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