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1:35 Winter Panzer Riders 1943-44
Varenr: DR 6513
Siden: 30.06.2020
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DRAGON 6513 - 1:35 Winter Panzer Riders 1943-44 - Utsolgt
1:35 Winter Panzer Riders 1943-44,
The column of mud-splattered Panzer IV tanks churned its way along the rutted forest track on the Eastern Front. The tank engines produced a throaty growl while the tracks clanked as they navigated the snowy terrain. The tanks were festooned with exhausted German soldiers wearily contemplating their next battle. In the meantime, however, grateful for a ride, they sprawled on the hull of the tanks in their dirt-encrusted uniforms.

Such a scenario is commonly seen in photographs and newsreel clips from WWII, and Dragon’s newest set of 1/35 scale figures allows modelers to replicate this scene. The set, entitled ‘Winter Tank Riders 1943-44’, presents four individual figures especially designed and formulated to fit onto the hull of a Panzer IV. This makes them the ideal accessory for Dragon’s recently released Panzer IV Ausf.H (#6300). Clad in either parkas or greatcoats, the panzergrenadiers are all equipped for cold-weather combat on the bitterly contested Eastern Front. The greatcoats and parka hoods are even broken down into separate parts to allow more accurate representation of this apparel. These are not Gen2 figures, but the detail is nonetheless spectacular. Each figure is cleverly broken down into several main parts that combine to form a sophisticated and lifelike pose. Detail such as uniform definition, personal equipment and facial features are sharply defined. Indeed, each pose uniquely captures the wintry feel of battle in the 1943-44 period. For modelers seeking to populate their Panzer IV tanks, this set is simply unbeatable!
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