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1:35 Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944
Varenr: DR 6741
Siden: 30.06.2020
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DRAGON 6741 - 1:35 Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944 - Utsolgt
1:35 Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944,
Operation Shingle was the Allied amphibious landing near Anzio on the Italian coast on January 22 1944. Its purpose was to bypass the heavily defended Winter Line and enable an attack on Rome. The landings came as a complete surprise to German forces but the Allied commander failed to capitalize, and thus the landing force was essentially besieged in its beachhead surrounded by hills until May. A little-known fact is that Paracadutisti (Italian paratroops) fought there alongside German forces. These troops were from the 184th Airborne Division “Nembo”. This division had been formed in December 1942, and many members continued to fight alongside Germany even after the Italian surrender. A battalion fought alongside the German 4th Fallschirmjager Division at Anzio. The defenders did well, causing 43,000 casualties among the attacking Allies.

Dragon’s newest 1/35 scale figure set is a first. It features Italian Paracadutisti, a topic never covered in the series before. The set employs brand new moldings, including all the personal gear and weapons. The poses reflect the dramatic and fierce nature of the Battle of Anzio. Thus, they’re dynamic, with troops throwing grenades, firing rifles and mounting an assault. The four figures wear typical garb for Italian paratroopers (e.g. paratroop smocks) and they carry a range of weapons such as a 9mm Beretta Model 38/42 submachine gun, 6.5mm Breda M30 light machine gun and Carcona carbine. Interestingly, one of the paratroopers has even appropriated a Panzerfaust from a fellow German. This set will create an action-packed dioramic scene, whilst Dragon’s famous engineering expertise means they’re easy to assemble.
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