Green Train
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Varenr: 55523
Siden: 19.09.2022
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Märklin 5523 - SPOR 1 SBB ELLOK Ce 6/8
Prototype: "Köfferli" ("Little Suitcases" (reference to the small hoods at the ends of the locomotive)) class Ce 6/8 I locomotive in a fir green paint scheme as it looked in Era III, beginning of the Fifties. Road number 14201.
Model: The running gear with the main frame and locomotive body are constructed of die-cast zinc. The locomotive has many separately applied parts of centrifugally cast brass. It also has an mfx digital decoder with up to 32 functions, a built-in current buffer, controlled high efficiency propulsion, and extensive sound functions such as running sounds, vent blowers, locomotive whistle, multiple stop announcements, station announcements, background sounds at the station, and much more. The locomotive can be operated with AC, DC, Märklin Digital, and DCC. It has powerful motors with propulsion to all driving axles. Double-arm pantographs can be raised and lowered with servomotors in digital operation. The white LED headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. There is white LED lighting in the cabs that changes over with the direction of travel. The engine room lighting can be controlled.
The Swiss headlight / marker light code can be done in red and white, and the light on the front for running against traffic can be controlled separately.
The cab doors can be opened, there are interior details, and the cab has a figure of a locomotive engineer. The locomotive has metal grab irons and many other separately applied parts such as signs, windshield wipers, whistle, and much more. The buffer beams have sprung buffers and separately applied brake lines. The locomotive has a factory-installed, remote controlled Telex coupler on the rear and a prototype coupler on the front. Each of the couplers can be replaced by the other type of coupler (included with the locomotive).
Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16".
Length over the buffers 60.3 cm / 23-3/4".
Weight approximately 6.3 kilograms / 13 pounds 14 ounces.
kr 37 490 Antall:
NSB 1968
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