Green Train
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Siden: 17.01.2023
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Prototype: Six different parlor cars painted and lettered for the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens (CIWL) as EDELWEISS PARLOR CAR EXPRESS. Two type DD3 baggage cars, one type VPC "Côte d´Azur" parlor car with a galley, one type VP "Côte d´Azur" parlor car without a galley, one type VPC "Étoile du Nord" parlor car with a galley, and one type VP "Étoile du Nord" parlor car without a galley. Train route Amsterdam – The Hague – Rotterdam – Brussels – Luxembourg – Strasbourg – Basle - Lucerne– Zürich. The cars look as they did in 1937.
Model: All the cars have factory-installed LED interior lighting and factory-installed operating, current-conducting close couplers. The parlor cars have lighted table lamps. One baggage car includes marker lights. Each car has a built-in buffer capacitor to bridge short-term spots without current. The interior lighting works in conjunction with the baggage car with marker lights. All the cars have different construction and include many separately applied details. There are also separately applied metal grab irons. The interior details for the parlor cars are custom modelled and come in multiple colors. The buffer height adheres to the NEM. Four main air lines are included for each car. Extended and retracted diaphragms are included. There is a pickup shoe on one baggage car for current pickup. The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Length over the buffers for the baggage car approximately 23.9 cm / 9-3/8". Length over the buffers for the parlor car approximately 26.9 cm / 10-5/8". Total length over the buffers approximately 156.5 cm
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NSB 1968
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