Green Train
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Varenr: NO 15217
Siden: 28.03.2023
Produktet finnes i kategorien(e): Noch H0-Figurer og smådioramaer
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Noch 15217 - 6 REISENDE
The Figures Set "Passengers" for H0 gauge is ideally suited for filling railway station scenes with life. A woman stands next to her large suitcase, on which she has put her handbag. A man with a guitar is resting a foot on his suitcase. Also included in the set are two more women, who are standing next to their suitcases and have a handbag with them. The other men are leaning on their suitcases and also have hand luggage with them. One of them is wearing a scarf and has his hand stretched out to hail an approaching taxi.
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NSB 1968
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