Green Train
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1:87 Kaelble+Culemeyer grey
Varenr: SCH 657600
Siden: 17.08.2023
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Schuco 657600 - 1:87 Kaelble+Culemeyer grey
1:87 Kaelble+Culemeyer grey,
Today, the Swabian company Kaelble is rightly considered one of the oldest construction machinery manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1884 by Gottfried Kälble as a mechanical workshop, the spelling was changed to Kaelble very early on to make it easier for international customers to read. When the Deutsche Reichsbahn began to deliver goods wagons with road rollers to customers without a railway siding in 1933, Kaelble became the company‘s supplier of the required tractors. Some of the Kaelble KDV 632 produced until 1971 were still in use until 1987, when the Deutsche Bundesbahn finally discontinued the road roller operation.
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NSB 1968
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