Green Train
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1:35 HQ-2 Missile on Transport trailer
Varenr: TRU 00205
Siden: 19.04.2007
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Trumpeter 00205 - 1:35 HQ-2 Missile on Transport trailer - Utsolgt
1:35 HQ-2 Missile on Transport trailer. The HQ-2 is a large two-stage missile designed to intercept high-altitude targets like strategic bombers and spy planes. There are over 1,000 HQ-2 SAM launchers and about 10,000 missiles deployed by the PLA, most of which are operated by the PLA Air Force's Air Defence Missile Troops to protect major cities and other important targets. The HQ-2 is a further development of the Russian Alma V-75 family (SA-2 'Guideline') which entered the former `Soviet service in 1956. China first obtained the SA-2 in the early 1960s. However, due to the suspension of Soviet assistance, only very limited number (six battalions) were deployed.The mass production of the HQ-2 began in March 1966. Since then, the HQ-2 has assumed the responsibility of providing air defence for China's most important targets and remained the only SAM in China's inventory until the late 1980s. Today, it is still in service with the PLAAF in significant number.

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