Green Train
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1:35 JGSDF Type 87 ReconnaissanceVehicle
Varenr: TRU 00327
Siden: 21.06.2007
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Trumpeter 00327 - 1:35 JGSDF Type 87 ReconnaissanceVehicle - Utsolgt
1:35 JGSDF Type 87 Reconnaissance Vehicle.
The vehicule Type 87 was developed following the request of the force of defense of Japan by the firm Komatsu, it uses components of the car Type 82, command vehicle and communications developed by the company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The chaufor sat with before right-hand side, with the operator of radio operator on the left sited. The vehicle is equipped with a two-seater turret armed of a gun of 25 mm and a coaxial machine-gun of 7.62 mm. The vehicle Type 87 does not have capacity amphibian. Hull length: 5.99m Width: 2.48m Height: 2.8m Weight: 15.0 tons Armament: 25mm gun¡Á1¡¡7.62mmMG¡Á1¡¡ Engine: Isuzu Water cooled 4 cycle 10 cylinder diesel Max Hp: 305ps Road speed: 100km/h Crew: 5 Fording: 0.99m Trench: 1.5m Vertical obstacle: 0.6m Range: 500km

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